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Town'n Country Christian Academy was founded in 1988.  It is fully accredited by the National Association for Christian Education and is registered with the State of Florida.  Our curriculum is individualized for each student.  

Students are accepted regardless of their religion, race, or ethnic background.  All students are expected to maintain a minimum of a "C" average in all of their classes.  Students with diagnosed learning disabilities may be admitted if there is reasonable expectation of satisfactory achievement.  Students with problems related to emotion or chronic conduct problems, will not be ordinarily admitted because the school does not provide a special program or facilities at this time to meet the needs of these students. 

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum is the primary curriculum used.  In Kindergarten, the "ABC's of ACE" are taught.  This is a phonetically based program that stresses reading skills, writing skills, and basic math skills.  ACE is used throughout elementary and middle school levels.  ACE is also used at the high school level with supplemental reading, writing, and math materials.  The use of State adopted course codes facilitates the transfer of students to and from the public school system without academic loss.  

Our graduation requirements correlate with the State of Florida graduation requirements to include:

Math  3 credits    English  4 credits    Science  3 credits    Physical Education  1 credit    Social Sciences  3 credits
Bible  1 credit      Language  2 credits    Fine Arts  1 credit    Electives  9 credits

Students are encouraged to participate in the Dual Enrollment College Program with Hillsborough Community College.
Students who do not meet the graduation requirements may receive a Certificate of Attendance if they attend the minimum number of days require by the State.

Jan Perry, Ed.D.  Principal

Jan Perry,
Jul 27, 2010, 4:21 PM